诚实. 尊重. 责任. 善良. These tenets of the St. 卢克的 Honor Code line our campus driveway and adorn the four pillars of the Be Kind Plaza at the school’s entrance, 传达一个明确的信息:这是一所欢迎和尊重每个人的学校.

Welcome Mess年龄 from St. 卢克的 股本总监 & 包容 Jacqueline Nelson


Vision for Inclusive Excellence

Because a goal without a plan is just a wish, St. 卢克制定了一个蓝图,以实现我们对包容性社区的愿景. The Vision for Inclusive Excellence (VIE)指出 包容和归属感是机构和教育卓越的核心 并培养一个学习环境,使学生和成人发展良好的平衡, confident leaders who can succeed in a diverse, globally integrated world. The VIE is a commitment. 这就是我. 卢克的 will hold itself accountable for living our values.

In alignment with the VIE, St. 路加福音将我们的公平和包容工作重点放在三个支柱上: 社区, 课程, 文化. Each of these is described in fuller detail below.


我们庆祝我们每个人对这个社区做出的独特而多样的贡献. 帮助学生加深对种族差异的理解和欣赏, 种族, 性别, 能力, 宗教, sexual orientation, 年龄, 和社会经济地位-是我们的公平和包容工作在圣. 卢克的. It is our firm belief that working toward this goal expands perspectives and fosters empathy and respect for all (see our related 博客). These attributes are hallmarks of great leaders and of 伟大的人类.

A rich diversity is reflected in the various teams that help to realize the goals outlined in the Vision. 请访问 这个页面 or click on the boxes below to see our E&我的办公室.
社区 Goals for 学习
为了促进我们的cgl,它包括好奇心,开放的思想,真理 & 理解,反思和诚信,学生练习具有挑战性的对话. Topics have ranged from 宗教 and religious stereotypes, 种族和种族主义, 性别 representation and media, party politics and political discord, mental health and stigmas around mental illness, preventing violence and self-harm.

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多样性、公平、包容和归属感在我们的社区中都很重要. 卢克的 because it is important to give everyone an equal opportunity and ensure that they are being treated the same as everyone else in the community."


多样性提高了认知技能,加深了批判性思维. 它促进创造力,培养学生成为有效的公民. Equity and inclusion are fundamental to a student’s faith, 信任, 并最终, sense of safety within an institution. In a learning environment where differing points of view, 经历, beliefs are welcome, students are able to grapple with complex human dynamics, a broad range of perspectives, 艰难的历史, 以及拓展他们对世界的思考和理解的社会困境. When students feel safe, 他们更愿意承担学术风险,参与到更高的层次上.

Throughout every grade and discipline, opportunities abound for teachers and students to self-reflect, eng年龄 with a different point of view, prepare to thrive in a diverse society.

了解更多: How 多样性 Enhances 课程


DEI work is essential to making St. 卢克的社区成员在山顶感到安全,并为学生做好全面的准备, 理解, empathetic humans for their life beyond St. 卢克的."


文化包括共同的价值观、传统、行为和信仰. To create an inclusive culture and foster a sense of belonging, 我们支持各种学生和成人亲和和联盟团体, multi文化 spaces, 以及鼓励相互尊重的思想交流的社区活动, 背景, 文化, 经历, 和观点-请参阅下面的例子和我们的社区最近的贡献.

List of 1 frequently asked questions.

List of 1 frequently asked questions.

Featured Video: "Belonging" vs. “拟合”
Several Middle and 上学校s students shared their 认为s about the differences between "belonging" and "fitting in" - some interviewees reflected on their own 经历 in the St. 卢克的 School community.

Frequently Asked Questions

在圣. 卢克的 we lean into conversations about identity to provide students with the opportunity to develop their moral compass with empathy and respect for others; enhance their leadership capacity; and encour年龄 a sense of 年龄ncy and belonging. 作为教育者, we emb比赛 developmentally appropriate practices and take into account a child’s background knowledge and lived 经历. We understand that social and educational success relies on developing a positive sense of self and instruction that includes social-emotional learning. Our goal is to prepare St. 卢克的 graduates to thrive in highly heterogeneous and global work environments where a sophisticated 理解 of how to interact with and lead diverse teams will be critical to their success.

The following 常见问题 are designed to address common questions and open the door for more conversation. We encour年龄 you to reach out to our 股本总监 and 包容 throughout the year if you have any questions or would like further information as we support our community in this important work.

关键术语 & 定义

The following key terms and definitions are offered to encour年龄 the use of a shared vocabulary and 理解.


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    1. 性别 是态度, 感情, 以及特定文化中与人的生理性别相关的行为. (美国心理学协会性别通常是根据性和生殖解剖来确定的. 
    2. 性别认同 指某人认为自己是男性、女性或其他什么. When one’s 性别 identity and biological sex are not congruent, the individual may identify along the trans性别 spectrum. (美国心理学协会)
    3. 变性人 is an umbrella term that incorporates differences in 性别 identity wherein one's assigned biological sex doesn't match their felt 性别 identity. (美国心理学协会) According to the American Psychological Association, “80%的跨性别成年人报告说,他们早在小学就知道自己‘与众不同’.”
    4. 偏见 refers to behavior or langu年龄 that demonstrates prejudice (preconceived 的意见 not based on reason or actual experience) in favor of or against one person or group compared to another.
    5. 偏执 refers to obstinate or unreasonable conduct or commentary that denigrates or offends another person, motivated (in whole or in part) by a biased belief or 的意见 held against another with regard to citizenship status, 残疾, 民族起源, 性别, 国籍, 比赛, 宗教, sexual orientation, or socio经济 status.
    6. “BIPOC” 是“黑人、原住民、有色人种”的缩写吗.
    7. “色盲” 每个人都应该被“平等”对待,而不尊重社会吗, 经济, 历史, racial or other differences. No differences are seen or acknowledged; everyone's the same.
    8. 文化 describes a shared set of practices and beliefs,(i.e. 我们做/不做的事情,我们做/不做的方式,以及原因.)
    9. 歧视 refers to an action by an institution or individual that denies access or opportunity to people based on their social identity (such as 性别, 宗教, or racial identity). 这种行为的结果,而不是意图,是使用该术语的基础.
    10. 多样性 describes the representation of different types of people (e.g. 不同的种族, 种族, 文化 背景, 年龄, 能力, 宗教信仰, 世界观, socio经济 status etc.) in a group or organization.
    11. Dominant group/culture 指在社会中拥有最大权力、特权和社会地位的人. It may or may not be the majority of the population. In the United States, the dominant group has 历史ly been white, Christian, affluent, male. 一个统治集团通过控制经济和政治制度来获得其地位, communications/media, education and health institutions, 艺术, 和业务. The dominant culture 主导群体定义的生活方式是“正常”和正确的吗.
    12. 种族 指基于共同遗产对群体成员的识别, often derived from where their ancestors lived.
    13. 黑色素 指赋予人们不同肤色、眼睛和头发颜色的色素.
    14. People of Color (PoC) is a term used to collectively identify those groups that have 历史ly been and currently are targets of racism in the United States - for example, 非洲 & 加勒比裔美国人,亚太裔美国人,拉丁裔美国人,土著 & Native Americans, Middle Eastern & 阿拉伯裔美国人. 这个术语并不是要否认这一群体内部的显著差异.
    15. 偏见 is a preconceived judgment, 的态度, 的意见, or feeling formed without adequate information, 先验知识, 认为, 或理由. 偏见可以是对任何个人或团体的预先判断.
    16. 比赛 is a term to describe the social construct aimed at grouping people on the basis of physical features such as skin color, 发质等. 科学界的共识是,这种分类没有生物学依据. 从历史上看, 比赛 has been lever年龄d to establish a human hierarchy of inferiority and superiority and serves as the rationale for legal discrimination, 殖民, 奴役, systemic oppression. 
    17. 种族身份 描述一个人如何自我认同或被他人和社会机构分类. 此外,它还包括一个人如何理解和感受自己的种族群体成员身份. 种族身份 development is a lifelong process in which individuals come to interpret and internalize varying mess年龄 about their own racial group and establish their sense of self based on personal, 文化, 人际关系, institutional inter行动.
    18. 种族文化 refers to a 历史 and sociological 理解 of how 比赛 has been constructed and used to shape the world in which we live; the development of skills that enable us to function in an increasingly diverse society and constructively converse about 比赛.
    19. 种族歧视 describes the in能力 or refusal to recognize the rights, 需要, 尊严, or value of people of particular 比赛s or geographical origins. 更广泛的, the devaluation of various traits of character or intelligence as ‘typical’ of particular peoples (牛津参考); 的态度s, 行动, or practices of an institution, 在社会权力的支持下,创造了一个“基于种族的优势和劣势体系”.(大卫·威尔曼) 
    20. Structural Inequality 与其他群体相比,一个社会群体是否存在系统性劣势, rooted and perpetuated through discriminatory practices (conscious or unconscious) that are reinforced through institutions, 意识形态, 表示, 政策/法律, 和实践. When this kind of inequality is related to racial/ethnic discrimination is referred to as systemic or structural racism.

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